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Glowing Face Oil

Glowing Face Oil

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Our essential clarifying face oil will have you GLOWING with only three ingredients. Perfect for daily use as it absorbs quickly while providing a dewy look. The face oil is light weight which is great for skin that is prone to acne as it will not clog your pores. All of our products are curated with sensitive skin in mind and all skin types can benefits long term from using.

Benefits of our Face Oil:

- Can aid in preventing acne by balancing your natural oil production.

- Aids in healing scars and blemishes.

- Activates your collagen cell production.

- Natural skin toner.

- Reduces puffiness with anti-inflammatory properties in each ingredient.

- Absorbs quickly while replenishing moisture in your skin.

- Tightens your skin.

- Has anti-bacterial properties.


Ingrdients :

Grape-Seed Oil - Natural toner, Ph Balancer, Lightweight Hydrater.

Emu Oil - Montana based, Anti-inflammatory Properties, Hydrating, Scar Healing.

Frankincense Essential Oil - Anti-bacterial, Skin Tightening by Aiding in Activating Collagen Cell Prodcution.







 *We do our best not to use preservatives, if the oil comes into contact with direct water it can cause bacteria to form and you will have to discard your face oil. Make sure your face is completely dry before applying the face oil. Wash your face in the morning and night. Each skin type is different and results may vary. The benefits are not final and are not FDA regulated, they are based off of results from customers and our knowledge gained about each ingredient. We are not responsible for allergic reactions as we have listed the ingredients above and it is up to your discernment if this product is right for you. Products are made in a space where coconut oil, almond oil, and other oils are present. Please message us with any questions and special requirements before you order to make sure we are able to accommodate you. Please be aware we do our best to provide the highest quality of product possible with full transparency in the process. We appreciate your support and business and these formalities are here to protect you and our business RAINY DAY SKIN LLC.*



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