Our Story

RAINY DAY SKIN has been created with the purpose of serving those who have sensitive skin and those who are becoming mindful of what they put on their body. If you have sensitive skin that means you need the minimal amount of product to go on it that is powerful and safe. Our intent is to be transparent about what is in the products and why they are in there.


I began creating my own natural skin care in 2018 after my skin had shown how unhappy it was with every lip balm I tried and the skincare products everybody was hyping up. Some would work for a couple weeks but the longevity of my skin health was crying out for help. More issues arrised than had been there before by using the over saturated products and it was so sad not knowing how to help my skin. I decided to take matters into my own hands and that is when I started researching natural ingredients and their benefits. It has been a journey of learning, trial and error, and excitement.


I am excited to share the valuable products that I hope will bring confidence and vitality into your natural beauty journey. Healthy skin is so important, not just for vanity sake.


Enjoy our mindful products here at RAINY DAY SKIN and know that I appreciated you for allowing us to be apart of your journey!


Much Love,


Kelsey Lyn


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