How to use our Glowing Face Oil

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Welcome to your healthy skin journey and thank you for allowing us to be apart of it!
If you have used a face oil before you may know how your skin does best with it - how often to use, how much to use, when to use it, etc.
If this is your first time using an oil on your face then we are here to answer any questions and best assist you to receive the best benefits possible!
A few tips :
- Always make sure your face is completely dry before applying the oil.
- You can always test the product on your wrist or neck to see how your sensitive skin areas respond.
- Start with applying a small amount of the face oil on your face for the first week to see how your facial skin responds. You can then either add more oil to your regime or keep it at the small amount.
- Our body heals at night, depending on what your body is needing you may want to apply the oil only in the morning or before bed. Get to know your skin and see what works for you!
This oil is a daily oil, it is suggested for use in the start of your day on a clean face. To avoid the oil to build up on your face causing adverse results, we suggest you wash your face morning and night with a cleanser!
Our instructions laid out above in the photograph will aid in the best benefits for your skin..
We are so excited to see your results!!
You Glow Babe <3


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